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The ghettoblaster started in 2007 with a pair of 2 inch speakers taken from a old pair of computer speakers and stuffed into a tupperware container powered by a 9volt battery. In 2008 the first ghettoblaster that was on a tricycle was made, i had the insperation from the Graffiti Research Labs laser tag tricycle, It used a old console for a boom box, 2 old pairs of home entertainment speakers, a deep cycle 12 volt battery (Basicly a car battery) and a 1972 shwin adult tricycle. In 2009 i created a new class of ghettoblaster. This time is a fully fiberglased inclosure with 2 15" woofers, 5 tweeters and 1 mid range. Its still powered by a deep cycle battery but is much more powerfull with the dual lane 2400 watt amplifier located inside. It has a car stereo that controls the volume and the music. The backrest is covered in purple felt and lined with a rubber strip. There are 2 sets of lights on the back with a total of 50 leds each of blue and red lights with a controler box located under neath the speakers. This ghettoblaster is significantly more expensive, clearer, louder. Before this one people in cars would roll past with there speakers full blast and it was much louder, now it is as loud as a concert speaker and will blow away any car in our neighborhood. This took me and my brother about a month and a half, working around my school work and sports.

Parts list:

2400 watt car amp
Car Stereo
2 - 15" woofers
5 - 3x3" tweeters
1 - 5x12" mid range
Adult Tricyle
Deep cycle 12volt battery
Pair of blue and red lights


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